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Sadness and hope on 2nd anniversary

With the second anniversary of the shooting death of Brian Simpson coming this Sunday, his widow, Kristen Simpson, says:

“November is a horrible time. Not only is it the two-year anniversary of Brian’s murder, but it would be 21 years of marriage on the 28th of November, which makes me more aware than ever of my daily life without Brian in it.”

Nevertheless, Kristen is quick to say that – as hard as November is – she has every reason to hope it will also be the month that Chase Bank deeds the family home over to her, after the 32963 Simpson Home Fund pays off the mortgage with donations from hundreds of generous donors.

“The kids and I feel so very blessed by all of the caring, helpful people in our lives. Were it not for them, I might have given up,” said Kristen.

On Nov. 17, 2011, Brian Simpson was shot to death by a home invader in the family home on Fiddlewood. Along with the insurmountable grief of losing her husband and the  children’s father, Kristen and the two children also had to face losing the family home because Kristen couldn’t pay the mortgage on her teacher’s salary.

But when Vero Beach 32963 started the 32963 Simpson Home Fund, hundreds of generous supporters responded so the $220,000 mortgage could be paid off and Kristen would own the home, free and clear.

Brian Connelly, Kristen’s attorney, spoke with Chase Bank administrators a few days ago for an update and reported back to 32963: “The paperwork is slow, which is frustrating. But the people at Chase tell me that we should rest assured we have a deal, and nothing has changed that.”